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Contributions to PAC2001

This page compiles contributions to the PAC2001 conference from the accelerator R&D group members for JLC. Additional papers authored by colleagues outside our group are also included if they are found relevant or of critical interest. For full listing of all the papers at PAC2001, go to

WOPA010 -- JLC R&D Status

MPPH068 -- A Damped and Detuned Linear Accelerating Structure with Optiimzed Manifold-Structure Coupling and Reduced Accelerating Mode Group Velocity

MPPH073 -- High Power Window Tests at SLAC

MPPH095 -- High Power Test of the First C-band (5712MHz( 50MW Klystron

WPAH124 -- All-Solid-State Picosecond Laser System for Photo cathode RF-gun and X-ray Generation at Waseda University.

RPAH046 -- Intrabeam Scattering Analysis of ATF Beam Measurements

ROAA003 -- Processing Studies of X-band Accelerator Structures at the NLCTA

FPAH051 -- X-band PPM Klystron Development for JLC

FPAH028 -- Solid-State Klystron Modulator for JLC

FPAH058 -- Dipole Wakefield Suppression in High Phase Advance Detuned Accelerator Structures for the JLC/NLC Designed to Minimize Electrical Breakdown and Cumulative BBU

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