Contributions to Linac 2006, Knoxville, August 21-25, 2006

This page compiles the contributions to the Linac 2006 Conference from the accelerator R&D group members working for LC around KEK. Additional papers authored by colleagues outside our group are also included, if they are found to be highly relevant. For full listing of all the papers at Linac 2006, consult the "Conference Guide" available at

PDF files will be posted as they become available (2006/08/17)

TUP025 -- Optimization of Surface Treatment of High-Gradient Single-Cell Superconducting Cavities at KEK

TUP047 -- High-Brightness Electron Gun for X-ray Source II

TH102 -- Crymodule Test Facilities and Multicell Cavity Performance for the ILC

THP010 -- Performance of Low-Level RF System for KEK-STF

THP022 -- Status of RF Sources in Super- Conducting RF Test Facility (STF) at KEK

THP026 -- Results of High-Power Test of a New L-band Coupler with Capacitive Cold- Window

THP027 -- Study of PPM-Focused X-band Pulse Klystron

THP036 -- Long-Pulse Modulator for the Superconducting RF Test Facility at KEK

THP037 -- Wide-Range Frequency Compensation by Coaxial Ball-Screw Tuner

THP038 -- Normal Conducting High-Gradient Studies at KEK

THP090 -- Initial Studies of 9-Cell High- Gradient Superconducting Cavities at KEK


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