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Contributions to Linac 2004

This page compiles contributions to the Linac 2004 conference from the accelerator R&D group members working for LC around KEK. Additional papers authored by colleagues outside our group are also included, if they are found relevant and critical. For full listing of all the papers at Linac 2004, go to

FR101 -- Overview of Linear Collider Test Facilities and Results

MOP76 -- Ultra-High-Vacuum Problem for 200keV Polarized Electron Gun with NEA-GaAs Photocathode

THP23 -- An Electrode with Molybdenum-Cathode and Titanium Anode to Minimize Field Emission Dark Currents

THP33 -- Progress toward NLC/GLC Prototype Accelerator Structures

THP45 -- Toshiba E3736 Multi Beam Klystron

THP67 -- Travelling Wave and Standing Wave Single Cell High Gradient Tests

TU201 -- KEK C-band RF System for a Linear Collider

TUP95 -- Evaluation of Magnetic Field Enhancement along a Boundary

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