Contributions to Linac 1998
August 23-28, 1998, Chicago

This page compiles contributions to the LINAC 98 conference from the accelerator R&D group for the JLC. Some papers, which are not written by the group members, but are considered relevant or interesting, are also included. For full listing of all the papers at LINAC 98, go to

MO4019 -- Beam Loading Compensation Using Phase to Amplitude Modulation Method in ATF

MO4020 -- Results from Hardware R&D on C-Band RF-System for e+ e- Linear Collider

MO4085 -- Fabrication of the C-Band (5712 MHz) Choke-Mode Type Damped Accelerator Structure

MO4086 -- An Electroplating Fabrication Method for Electron Accelerator Structures

MO4092 -- The Dipole Wakefield for a Rounded Damped Detuned Linear Accelerator with Optimised Cell-to-Manifold Coupling

MO4093 -- Effects of Alternating Cell Misalignments on the DDS

TU2003 -- Modeling and Design of Klystron

TU4042 -- Simulation Study of the Bunching Section of X-Band Klystrons

TU4043 -- Elecrton Gun Simulation Using Magic

TU4063 -- Horizontal Emittance Measurement in ATF Extraction Line

TU4080 -- Optimization on Wakefield Damping in C-Band Accelerationg Structure

TH2001 -- RF Pulse Compression for Linear Colliders

TH4036 -- X-BAND Klystron Output Cavity Simulation

TH4046 -- Development of Nanometer Resolution C-Band Radio Frequency Beam Position Monitors in the Final Focus Test Beam

TH4069 -- Development of the X-Band Klystron Modeulator at KEK

TH4071 -- The C-Band 50MW Klystron Using Traveling-Wave Output Structure

TH4072 -- Efficiency and Gain Enhancement of RF-Pulse Compressor for C-Band RF System

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