Contributions to Linac Technology Meeting (LAM30) (Also the 2nd Annual Meeting of Particle Accel. Society of Japan), Tosu, Saga, July 20-22, 2005

This page compiles the contributions to the 30th Linac Technology Research Meeting (LAM30) from the accelerator R&D group members working for LC around KEK. Additional papers authored by colleagues outside our group are also included, if they are found to be highly relevant. For full listing of all the papers at LAM30, go to

PDF files will be posted as they become available (2005/07/19)

20CP2 -- ILCのための超伝導RF試験設備STF

21B02 -- Recent Progress of a High Resolution Beam Profile Monitor Using Zone Plates

22A10 -- RF Source Development of Superconducting RF Test Facility (STF) in KEK

22A11 -- Pulse Modulator Development for L-Band Klystron in the Superconducting RF Test Facility (STF) at KEK

22A13 -- High Power Test of Prototype Cryomodule for ADS Superconducting LINAC

22A14 -- Development of STF Base-line Superconducting Cavity System

22A15 -- A New Design For A Super-Conducting Cavity Input Coupler

20P016 -- Development of PPM-focused X-band Pulse Klystron

20P017 -- High Power Test of L-band Klystron for Super-conducting RF Test Facility (STF) at KEK Klystron Test Hall

20P018 -- Plan of the Power Distribution System for KEK Superconducting RF Test Facility (STF)

20P029 -- Low Level RF System in KEK-STF

20P030 -- Study on Klystron RF Pulse Shortening and Development of Waveform Diagnostic FPGA Board

20P033 -- Stainless Steel RF Dry Load with Suppressing Surface Electric Field

20P035 -- High Gradient Performance of X-band Accelerator Structure

20P046 -- Development of 200keV Spin Polarized Electron Source for ILC Project

20P047 -- Characteristics of Photo-electron Emission from the Photo-cathode RF Gun

20P049 -- Experiment of Electron Gun with Pulse High Voltage

20P051 -- Thermionic Cathode X-band RF Gun for a Compact Inverse Compton Scattering Hard X-ray Source

20P054 -- Injection Laser Effect on Transverse Emittance in a Photocathode RF Electron Gun

20P061 -- Survival Test for ILC Positron Production Target at KEKB

20P080 -- X-band High Power Component Study for High Gradient RF Linac

21P049 -- Performance Evaculation of a Beam Profile Monitor using Fresnel Zone Plates

21P056 -- Development of the Kicker System for International Linear Collider

21P070 -- Present Status of RF-Gun System at Waseda University

21P071 -- Construction of the X-band Linac for Compact Hard X-ray Source

21P074 -- IGBT Induction Type Modulator for X-band Klystrons

20P080 -- X-band High Power Component Study for High Gradient RF Linac

21P093 -- Development of Highly Accurate Cavity BPM

21P097 -- Plan of X-ray Generation using a Pulsed Laser Super Cavity in RF Gun Test Bench

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