Contributions to Linac Technology Research Meeting (LAM29)
(Also the 1st Annual Meeting of Particle Accel. Society of Japan), Tokyo, August 4-6, 2004

This page compiles the contributions to the 29th Linac Technology Research Meeting (LAM29) from the accelerator R&D group members working for LC around KEK. Additional papers authored by colleagues outside our group are also included, if they are found to be highly relevant. For full listing of all the papers at LAM29, go to

4A01 -- Status of ATF, 2004

4A03 -- Present Status of C-band Activities at KEK

4A06 -- R&D Status Report on SCSS X-ray FEL Project at RIKEN/SPring-8

5A02 -- Present Status of the C-band Accelerator R&D of the KEKB Injector Linac for SuperKEKB Project

5A04 -- R&D Plan of RF Source in KEK GLCTA

5A06 -- Proposal for TeV Superconducting Linear Collider

5A08 -- Pulse Modulator for X-band Klystron at GLCTA

5B08 -- Reduction of Dark Current by an Electrode with Molybdenum Cathode and Titanium Anode

4P18 -- X-band RF Generation Test of Compact Hard X-ray Source Based on X-band Linac

4P21 -- A Superstrong Adjustable Permanent Magnet Quadrupole for the Final Focus Lens in a Linear Collider

4P23 -- Development of L-band, 10MW Multibeam Klystron

4P26 -- Detection of X-ray due to Gun Arching of High Power Klystron

4P33 -- PPM Klystron Operation in GLCTA

4P36 -- Control System of Multi-Bunch Photo-Cathode RF Gun

4P37 -- GLCTA Control System

4P48 -- High Gradient Test of X-band Accelerating Structure at GLCTA

4P49 -- Analysis aof X-band Structure Breakdown at GLCTA

4P51 -- A Feasibility Study for Manfacturing of the Wake-Compensated Detuned Accelerator Tube with the Brazing and Dimpling Method

4P53 -- Beam Test of Electron Gun with Pulse High Voltage

4P56 -- Electron Emission Characteristics of CsTe Photo-Cathode in RF Gun

4P61 -- Intense Beam Operation at the ATF-Injector

4P62 -- Construction of Emittance Measurement System for 200keV Polarized Electron Beam

5P11 -- Vibration Measurement of Acelerator Tube Table in ATF

5P12 -- R&D of the Long-Life Thyratron-Tube

5P29 -- Cavity Performance of 972MHz 9-cell Niobium Cavities for Protron Superconducting Linac

5P49 -- Development of SR Interferometer with Reflecting Focus Mirror and the Small Beam Size Measurement at ATF-DR

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