Contributions to the 25th Linear Accelerator Meeting
July 12 - 14, 2000, Himeji, Japan

All the papers available here are written in Japanese.

12B02 -- Status of ATF

12C03 -- Design Study of the Facility for the e+e- Linear Collider Based on the Experiences at KEKB

12C04 -- Phase-I R&D Summary and Phase-II Proposal C-Band Linac for 500 GeV e+e- Linear Collider

12C05 -- R&D Status of the X-Band Linac System for the JLC Project

13B04 -- Development of A 45KV, 6KA Semi-Conductor Switch for Klystron Modulators

14A01 -- The New Fabrication Method for A Periodic Permanent Magnet (PPM) C-Band (5712 MHz) Klystron

12P04 -- High Quality Beam Generation Project at Waseda University

12P09 -- Production of Sub-Nanosecond Multi-Bunch Polarized Electron Beam from Superlattice Photocathode

12P10 -- Simulation of High Quality Electron Beam from Photocathode RF-GUN

12P20 -- Energy Stabilization on 1.5 GeV S-Band Linac

12P21 -- Feedback System of the RF Phase in KEK-ATF Linac

12P28 -- Troubles about Operation of the KEKB Injector Linac Klystorn Modulator

12P29 -- Thyratron Performance in the KEK 8GEV Linac

12P35 -- Simulation Study of X-Band Klystron XB72K #9

12P36 -- Timing System for Multi-Bunch/Multi-Train Operation at ATF

12P40 -- The Dielectric Breakdown Test on the Insulation Ceramics for the Pulsed High-Voltage Moniter Applications

13P04 -- Precise Disk Fabrication Technology for RDDS Structure

13P09 -- Development of Small C-Band Standing-Wave Accelerator Structure

13P11 -- Precise Stacking and Bonding Technology for RDDS Structure

13P17 -- Application of Centrifugal Barrel Polishing to a Niobium Superconducting Cavity

13P18 -- Development of the Nb/Cu Clad Cavities

13P19 -- Trial Fabrication of the Cu/Nb/Cu Sandwich Tube for Superconductiog Cavities

13P20 -- HIP Bonding for the Different Material between Niobium and Stainless Steel

13P21 -- Performance Evaluation on the Niobium Seamless SC Cavities by Italian Spinning Technology

13P36 -- Cavity BPM in ATF Extraction Line

13P45 -- High Intensity X-Ray Generation Using Inverse Compton Scattering at BNL

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