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Contributions to ICFA Seminar 2005 Sep.28 - Oct.1, KNU, Daegu

This page compiles the contributions to the ICFA 2005 Seminar from the accelerator R&D group for ILC-Asia. Some papers, which are not written by the group members, but are considered relevant or interesting, are also included. For full listing of all the papers at this ICFA Seminar, visit here.

KEK Laboratory Report

Name: Y.Totsuka
Download: pdf file (1.9MB).

IHEP Laboratory Report

Name: Hesheng Cheng
Download: pdf file (3.1MB).

High Energy Physics in Korea

Name: Dongchul Son
Download: pdf file (7.9MB).

Report from ILCSC

Name: S.Kurokawa
Download: pdf file (400kB).

Report from GDE Director

Name: B.Barish
Download: pdf file (730kB).

ILC Conceptual Design and R/D Status

Name: K.Yokoya
Download: pdf file (8.5MB).

ILC Detector R/D and Design

Name: H.Yamamoto
Download: pdf file (4.3MB).

Communication, Outreach of Particle Physics

Name: Y.Morita
Download: pdf file (3.0MB).

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