Contributions to EPAC1998
June 22-26, 1998, Stockholmn

This page compiles contributions to the EPAC98 conference from the accelerator R&D group for the JLC. Some papers, which are not written by the group members, but are considered relevant or interesting, are also included. For full listing of all the papers at EPAC98, go to

MOZ03A -- The Japan Linear Collider Project

MOP03D -- Beam Development in ATF Damping Ring

MOP05D -- Impedance Measurement at ATF DR

MOP09H -- Diagnosis of the Low Emittance Beam in ATF DR Extraction Line

TUP15G -- The 120 MW X-Band Klystron Development at KEK

WEP21F -- Upgrade of the BPM Readout Electronics for the ATF Dampning Ring

WEP27F -- Development of High Resolution Multi-Bunch BPM

WEP30F -- Beta-Matching and Damping Observation by SR Monitor at ATF DR

THP19H -- Lifetime Measurement of ATF Damping Ring

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