Contributions to EPAC 2006, Edinburgh, June 26-30, 2006

This page compiles the contributions to the EPAC 2006 Conference from the accelerator R&D group members working for LC around KEK. Additional papers authored by colleagues outside our group are also included, if they are found to be highly relevant. For full listing of all the papers at LAM30, go to

PDF files will be posted as they become available (2006/08/17)

MOXPA02 -- SCRF Test Facilities toward the ILC

MOPCH056 -- Development of High Brightness Soft X-ray Source Based on Inverse Compton Scattering

MOPLS080 -- A Laser-wire System at the ATF Extraction Line

MOPLS083 -- Higher Order Mode Study of Superconducting Cavity for ILC Baseline

MOPLS084 -- Experimental Comparison at KEK of High Gradient Performance of Different Single Cell Superconducting Cavity Designs

MOPLS085 -- Experience with a Zero Impedance Vacuum Flange at He- Leak Temperature for ILC

MOPLS086 -- Characteristics of 45MV/m Superconducting Structures for KEK STF

MOPLS087 -- Series Test of High Gradient Single-cell Superconducting Cavity for the Establishment of KEK Recipe

MOPLS088 -- Resonant Kicker System for Head-on-collision Option of Linear Collider

TUYPA03 -- Developments in Beam Instrumentation and New Feedback Systems for the ILC

TUPCH105 -- Performance of a Nanometer Resolution Beam Position Monitor System

WEPCH166 -- Beam Test of Thermionic Cathode X-band RF-gun and Linac for Monochromatic Hard Xray Source

WEPCH188 -- Compact Picosecond Pulse Radiolysis System Using Photo-cathode RF Gun

THOBFI02 -- Measurement of the Beam Profiles with the Improved Fresnel Zone Plate Monitor

WEPCH182 -- Design of 9.4 GHz 950 keV X-band Linac for Nondestructive Testing

MOPCH190 -- Cryomodule Development for Superconducting RF Test Facility (STF) at KEK

WEPLS060 -- CLIC Polarized Positron Source Based on Laser Compton Scattering

THPCH154 -- Development of Pulsed-laser Super-cavity for Compact High Flux X-ray Source

MOPLS081 -- A Study of Laser System Requirements for Application in Beam Diagnostics and Polarimetry at the ILC

WEPCH097 -- Beam Dynamics in Compton-ring Gamma Sources

WEPLS053 -- RF Design of a Cartridge-type Photocathode RF Gun in S-band Linac

MOPCH071 -- Optimization of Optics at 200MeV KEK-ERL Test Facility for Suppression of Emittance Growth Induced by CSR


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