Contributions to EPAC2002 Paris, June 3-7, 2002

This page compiles contributions to the EPAC2002 conference from the accelerator R&D group members working for LC around KEK. Additional papers authored by colleagues outside our group are also included, if they are found relevant and critical. For full listing of all the papers at EPAC2002, go to

MOZGB001 -- Review of Linear Collider Designs and Path to the Future

TUPRI030 -- Beam Based Alignment at the KEK Accelerator Test Facility

TUPRI073 -- High Charge Mg Photocathode RF Gun in S-band Linac at University of Tokyo

TURPRI074 -- Characterization of Electron Beam from a Mg Photo-Cathode RF Gun System

TUPRI077 -- Status of Photo-Injector System and Its Application Experiment at Waseda University

TUPRI078 -- Experiment of Soft X-ray Generations Using Inverse Compton Scattering at Waseda University

TUPRI104 -- Development of Compact Hard X-ray Source Based on Laser-Electron Collision Using X-band Linac

WEPLE075 -- Initial Result from Model Independent Analysis of the KEK ATF

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