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Accelerator Test Facility at KEK

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What's New?

Minutes of the 18th ATF2 Meeting is available here.
As of September, 2001, this page is no longer kept updated. For fresh information on ATF at KEK, please refer to this new page .
ATF Internal Reports (ATF-01-09) are available at here.
Run summary for the week of 01/06/18,25 is available here.
Minutes of the regular ATF hardware meetings are available here.
We are slowly migrating the contents under to, which will be a server dedicated to ATF activities at KEK. So far the contents under,, and have been moved. Any reports on bad links and/or access problems should be reported to web masters of .
ATF Design and Study Report - KEK Internal 95-4, which has been out of print for some time, has been electronically reproduced and made available online.

Regular Meetings and Periodically Updated Info

Archives of ATF Reports

2001 Beam operation schedule.
2000 Beam operation schedule.
Daily shift summaries.

ATF Hardware Meeting, Every Monday 13:00-13:30, at KEKB control building. Minutes are available. (Access is limited to domain)
ATF Beam Development Meeting, Every Monday 13:30-15:30, at KEKB contol building. Minutes are available .
ATF Daily Operation Meeting, Everyday 16:30-17:00, at ATF control, whenever beam operation is on-going. No minutes are available. Come to the ATF control to see what is going on.
ATF Steering Committee Meeting, Irregular, English translation of minutes are available. Original Japanese version of minutes (access limited to the domain) are available.
ATF2 Meeting, Exploratory meeting looking into the long-term future programs at ATF. Minutes are available (All Japanese. Mirrored from

ATF International Collaboration

Collaboration Meetings
Other SLAC info related to ATF


Archives of ATF News
Study Report JFY 1996-1999.
Archives of ATF Reports
Additional study reports and write-ups
General Description of ATF

ATF photo gallery.
Portrait of ATF people.
Portrait of ATF people (2).

1999 Beam operation schedule. 1998 Beam operation schedule and reports.

1997 Run Schedule and Shift Summaries
1995-6 Meeting Memos

Electronic reproduction of "ATF Design and Study Report" KEK Internal 95-4.

Conference Contributions

Conference contributions since 1996.
LINAC 2000, Monterey, August, 2000.
Linac Technology Research Meeting, Himeji, July, 2000.
EPAC 2000, Vienna, June, 2000.

Old Info

Global ATF schedule plan for the Japanese fiscal year 1997 is available
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  2. Click here for downloading the Postscript file.
Non-Japanese ATF collaborators' arrival schedule..
Selected SAD listing and engineering drawings
Annotated device map of ATF beam transport and damping ring. (2/12/97)
ATF Control System turorial by Keith Jobe.
ATF KEK-SLAC Software Tools turorial by Keith Jobe.
Transportation Info to reach KEK
TEMPO : KEK and Tsukuba Living

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